by Bora Bora

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The second EP release from Chicago's trilingual tropical space-folk group. This recording captures Bora Bora sounds in full on band formation with spurts and splashes of various colors and feelings that can only be captured with a full array of instrumental weaponry.


released March 5, 2016

Recorded and mixed at various apartments in Chicago

Album credits:
Paul Boeder: Vocals, Guitar, Omnichord, Bass, Acoustic Piano, Nord, Roland, Pocket Piano, Tambo, AniMoog
Jennifer Boeder: Nord, Rhodes, harms
Glenn Rischke: Bass, harms
Donny Mahlmeister: Guitars
Jason Batchko: Drums, Percussion
Heather Malyuk: Violins
Cicadas: buzzing

All songs written by Paul Leonard Boeder*

*Fade Into You is written by Hope Sandoval and David Roback of Mazzy Star


all rights reserved



Bora Bora Chicago, Illinois

Bora Bora is a band from Chicago that plays tropical space-folk music.

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Track Name: Garden
(Verse 1)

Waiting in the wings,
staring down from high,
unable to explain,
the feeling of wanting to fly.

If I knew best,
I would give it all a rest,
but then there'd be another way,
to put me to the test.


In a few more days,
more will come to life,
see how my garden grow
on high.

(Verse 2)

Everything has changed,
no it couldn't be the same,
never to return,
from where it all became.

There was something in the way,
Yeah there was something in my eye,
Something about the way you went,
and said your last goodbye.



All these changes are foreseen,
like ancient ruins in the sea,
Some sacred secret never to know,
A lingering feeling from long ago.

Track Name: Cloudy Vision
(Verse 1)

wakes me up again,
here the songs called,
from the trees above head.


If it's a road,
that we're on,
why does it feel,
like I'm holding on?

(Verse 2)

on the rise,
clouding up my vision,
makes me blind.


If it's a road,
that we're on,
why does it feel,
like I'm holding on?
Track Name: Sonho da Vida
Você não precisa se preocupar
e que e muito pra aguentar
ta na cara que tudo mundo ficou

Tudo que vemos
no sohno da vida
lembranças e pensamentos
passam voando
são escondidos pela poeira
engolido pelo sol na atardecer

Estamos unidos nisso
o que o meu é seu e o seu é meu
o que acontece a voce acontece a mim também
estamos ligados


Eu quero voltar como pássaro
de ramo em ramo iria pousar
levantar vôo
na madrugada cantar
e ficar contigo

Track Name: Little Falls
(Verse 1)

Little falls,
fill my heart,
I want to be,
in the sediments,
of mud and sand and grain.


And I will wait as long,
as long as it takes,
to get to where I belong,
no matter what is at stake.

(Verse 2)

Everything is infinite,
everything is contained,
it has it's own influence,
it has it's own place.

Track Name: Nice Woman

I met a nice woman,
you know,
she's really good to me yeah,
I met a nice woman,
you know,
she really love me see?

(Verse 1)

I met a nice woman,
just the other day,
I met a nice woman,
round the way,

She never turn her back on me,
she never mistreat me,
she always finds a way,
to make it all better.


(Verse 2)

She love me so,
she tell her friends about me,
she love me so,
she tell her mama about me,
she says "Mama this man, he's really different see?"

She tell her sister "Yeah, he give me lovin' so sweet."


(Verse 3)

Baby where would I be without you?
Baby where would I be without you? I don't know.
My world was turning dark,
everything was falling apart,
I was getting ready to give up.

Track Name: Fade Into You
You know the lyrics...they're burned into your soul.

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