by Bora Bora

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Girl Robot
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Girl Robot This is the only rainy day album I will ever need for the rest of my life. Favorite track: Light of the Sun.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
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Jeremy (HI54LOFI) I missed this album when it came out back in September, but since I'm getting some pretty lovely summer vibes… maybe first coming across it in June was for the best. Favorite track: Awake and a Dream.
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EP re-release of "Pacifico" as Bora Bora. A bridge to a new beginning....


released September 3, 2014

Guitars, voice: Paul Leonard
Keys, edits, additional production: Liam Montgomery, Leo 123, Cale Arthur
Mastered by: Sweetsteady Records

All songs written and recorded by Paul Leonard Boeder



all rights reserved


Bora Bora Chicago, Illinois

Bora Bora is a band from Chicago that plays tropical space-folk music.

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Track Name: Light of the Sun
Well the time has come,
for the light of the sun,
to break,
the night,
and fill,
the sky,
the stars,
and they hide
in space...

You should know,
you should know,
you should know,
it's coming through,
to be true,
through the moon,
in plain view...

When the days,
bleed into one,
when I wake,
I've just begun,
to change,
what's up,
what's down,
to look ahead,
and put fear,
to bed.
Track Name: Oceans Wide
All my life,
I have wondered why,
I have sailed,
I have rowed,
I don't stay,
where I go,
Oceans wide,
Oceans deep,
Mountain high,
Mountain steep,

Said I need relief,
Can you comfort me?

Do you know the way?
Do you know the way?
To get where,
water flows,
fields of green,
fields of gold,
piece of mind,
sense of peace,
opened up,
and released.

Truest form,
Truest form
Track Name: Awake and a Dream
It's hard to believe,
what they're saying is true,
It's hard to know how these things,
happen out of the blue.

What do you feel?
How does it make you think?
What will become of you?
Will you swim or sink?

If nobody see,
then nobody do,
if nobody tells you why,
you've got nothing to lose.

Many are called,
only the chosen are few,
many will fall to the side,
because their heart wasn't true.

Where did we start?
When do we end?
Where do we go from here?
Should we start again?
Not everything,
is quite what it seems,
when you're right in between,
awake and a dream.
Track Name: La Búsqueda
los colores
contra el cielo..

y me pregunto,
que saben
los dioses...

La busqueda
de la verdad
puede durar una eternidad
anos y pase el tiempo y mas
hasta que llega a un estado de paz
si tu no crees en ti mismo
entoces todos hagan lo mismo
solo podemos determinar
la realidad en la tierra....

a las olas
tan poderosas
y antiguas
el viento
es el mismo
que el aire
yo respiro....


el camino,
es muy largo,
yo voy directo
todo derecho
donde sea
se queda
mi destino...

(English translation)

I see
the colors
against the sky
and I wonder
what the gods know...

The search for the truth
can last an eternity
years and time pass
until you arrive to a state of peace
if you don't believe in yourself
then no one else will
only we can determine
reality on earth...

at the waves
so powerful and ancient
the wind
is the same
as the air
that I breathe...


The path
is very long
I'm going straight,
all the way ahead
my destiny lies...
Track Name: Wanderer
where my heart is near,
it's not far from here

it's where my soul
wants to go now
it's where my soul
wants to go now

my mind has been crazy,
my body,
my body's been aching

Just want to be
taken far away...
Track Name: Kingfisher
so nice to see you by the bay,
right here is where I'll stay.